Workplace injuries don’t only occur during traumatic slips and falls at work. More often than not, they are the result of repetitive movements.  This can be caused by doing the physical demands required of your job over an extended period of time. These types of workplace injuries are all too common in today’s workforce and are best identified by their symptoms.

Symptoms of a workplace injury can include:

  • Lower back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Carpal tunnel and hand pain
  • Disc injuries
  • Sciatica (pain caused by the sciatic nerve in your lower back and legs)
  • Joint pain

Being examined by a chiropractor is often the first step in identifying and treating a workplace injury.  Your provider will conduct a thorough examinations during the first session in order to better assess the injury. Since workplace injuries usually develop over time, it’s important to share all the symptoms you may be experiencing so the root cause can be identified.

Once  the source of your pain has been identified, your personalized treatment plan will be tailored to alleviate that discomfort and heal your injury. Treatment plans are centered on providing one-on-one care that’s tailored to meet each patient’s needs. As a part of your treatment plan, we will also work with your place of employment and insurance company to ensure the proper measures are in place to allow for your full healing and recovery.

If you are suffering from a workplace injury or experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, call us today at (720) 476-5121 to request your appointment.