Meet our Our team at LoTurco Chiropractic Pain Management / HRT


Dr. Jake grew up in Hilton, NY, and was a 2003 graduate of Hilton Central High School, where he participated in the Hilton Cadets Baseball program and was an Academic All-American. In 2003, he attended Genesee Community College and received honors onthe Dean’s List for outstanding achievement as a scholar-athlete. He then enrolled in the pre-chiropractic program at MCC and transferred to SUNY Brockport and enrolled in the exercise physiology program, where he was nominated for Student of the Year, and eventually earned a B.S. in exercise physiology. While attending SUNY Brockport, Dr. Jake took up powerlifting and earned a National certification in Personal Training, which he continues to maintain today. Upon graduation, he attended New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, and earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. Since graduation, Dr. Jake has completed additional coursework in various therapy methods. He is a certified Kinesiotape provider and a Xymogen nutraceuticals provider.


Meryl was born and raised in Kansas and is loving it here in Colorado.  She was a competitive swimmer for twelve years, did CrossFit for four years, and now  she is well into my third year of body building which has become a new passion. She has been a licensed massage therapist for over eight years.  With the experience and knowledge she has gained over the years as an athlete, bodybuilder,  and bodyworker she has confidently been able to create significant change in the way people feel and perform.  She has combined the use of trigger point work to unlock muscle fibers, gua sha to break apart fascial adhesions, and massage cupping to increase circulation to really help the release of stagnation in the body. Ithaca made a huge difference to create more healthy soft tissues, repair and recover from new injuries, and heal old ones.  The implementation of these modalities has become a great catalyst for healing for a wide variety of conditions to help center and aid in a speedy recovery. Her biggest passion in life is helping make the human body better.


Anna (pronounced like Nirvana) was born and raised in Englewood, Colorado, and graduated from Colorado State University. During her 15 year career in graphic design, she was riding and racing on all the best mountain bike trails this amazing state has to offer. When the passion became a bit obsessed with endurance racing her focus shifted to maximizing the body’s ability to perform. She discovered Rolfing and felt such depth of transformation that she followed her heart and graduated from the Rolf Institute in 2011. With a hunger for a deeper look into human movement she also received her certification in Gyrotonic in 2018, which has only deepened her sense of touch in the manual therapy world. Rolfing is not painful, it is skillful and is for any body that seeks to live in less pain, more ease and a better sense of themselves.


Diego is our office mascot who loves all the attention he can get. Although he won’t greet you at our front door, he is more than willing to accept all your love, pets, (and treats) when you stop by the reception desk. At just 2 years old, he brings joy and life into the office. Diego is a certified emotional support animal and is passionate and determined to make sure that you are comfortable during your visit. He enjoys lots of cuddles, and even though he is not allowed on the furniture throughout the office, he will try to break the rules just to make sure you feel emotionally supported. Despite his loud voice, he is very friendly and he is always happy to see you!