Meet our Our team at Loturco Chiropractic Pain Management / HRT


Dr. Jake grew up in Hilton, NY, and was a 2003 graduate of Hilton Central High School where he participated in the Hilton Cadets Baseball program and was an Academic All-American. In 2003, he attended Genesee Community College and received honors on the Dean’s List for outstanding achievement as a scholar-athlete. He then enrolled in the pre-chiropractic program at MCC and transferred to SUNY Brockport and enrolled in the exercise physiology program where he was nominated for Student of the Year, and eventually earned a B.S. in exercise physiology. While attending SUNY Brockport, Dr. Jake took up powerlifting and earned a National certification in Personal Training which he continues to maintain today. Upon graduation, he attended New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, and earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. Since graduation, Dr. Jake has completed additional coursework in a variety of different therapy methods. He is a certified Kinesiotape provider and a Metagenics nutraceuticals provider.


Tim grew up in Lakewood Colorado, he graduated from the Colorado School of the healing arts in 2016 after 2 years of study focusing on mainly Sports Massage and Lymphatic drainage Massage Techniques. He also practices; Deep tissue, Swedish Relaxation, Trigger Point Therapy, Somatic Massage, and Chair Massage. Don’t be afraid to bring your grandparents! In his personal practice he focuses and is very familiar with performing massages for the 45-85 year old age demographic (but is not limited to that age group.) He has seen how beneficial breaking down scar tissue (collagen) and moving lymphatic fluid is to the overall health of this demographic in their day to day lives and wants to spread the wealth. Tim believes through the power of sports and lymphatic massage clients of all ages can have more time, general mobility, and overall total body energy to do the things in life they have always wanted to do.

DIEGO LOTURCO, Emotional Support Team

Diego is on his way to becoming a service animal. At a year and a half, he brings joy and life into the office. He enjoys lots of treats and cuddles! Although he is not allowed on the couch, he will try to break the rules just to make sure you feel emotionally supported.  Despite his loud voice, he is very friendly and always happy to see you!