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Introducing: HMB(D) PRO [With Bio T]. You may ask yourself: “what is HMB(D) PRO?”

Essentially, HMB(D) PRO has been clinically studied and proven its efficacy by improving your body’s ability to metabolize fat without being left with the traditional lousy side-effects. All of this while simultaneously building muscle during periods of immobilization.

HMB(D) PRO + Bio T: No time to train? No problem! Make your workouts work for you! HMB(D) PRO is in a capsule form that you will take twice per day (6 capsules total- 3 in the morning and 3 at night).

Bio T is an injection (testosterone- this is already a medication you inject for the HRT program. This new combination treatment will help you Fit It, and the best part is that it’s just as fast, easy, and convenient for you to get all the great benefits!

  • New diet? Nope.
  • New gym plan or membership? Nope. Just do the same activity you’ve already been doing and watch how much easier it will be to start seeing real changes and real results with Dr. OptiMe.
  • Got a problem?
  • Got pain?
  • Low energy?
  • Moody?

Fix it with Dr. OptiMe!


Read about the clinical study below:

“HMB (Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) is a metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine, naturally present in human muscle cells, and it has been reported to have anabolic effects on protein muscle metabolism [1, 2]. Results from a randomized study in young, healthy, sedentary subjects (N = 37) given 3 g of supplemental HMB daily for three weeks showed an increase in fat-free mass and total body strength, suggesting that HMB partially attenuates muscle protein breakdown without exercise [3]. The results suggested that HMB helped preserve muscle mass during the immobilization period* [4].” Also included in the supplement is Vitamin D. “Vitamin D has a well-known function in bone health due to its role in the regulation of calcium and phosphate homeostasis. It has also been linked to skeletal muscle health and function [5, 6]. Low blood serum levels of vitamin D are correlated with muscle weakness and myopathy. In vitro studies have shown that vitamin D contributes to the mitochondrial function of providing energy to skeletal muscle cells* [7].”

We are confident that when taking HMB(D) PRO in combination with the hormone therapy treatment program, you will see faster, longer-lasting results that will have you looking better and feeling better for the long-term! It will help you take off (and keep off) any stubborn excess weight while simultaneously helping you build and maintain muscle strength and mass.


Surprise! There’s more:

We have expanded our IV hydration therapy options as well!

Some of our new HRT & IV add-on products available to you include- but not limited to:

  •  New IV hydration bags that provide the best quality combination of vitamins and minerals with over 13 concoctions to choose from, or you can “build your own” from our select list of IV bag elements.
  • “Beauty” injections: Help kickstart keratin production for skin rejuvenation with increased elasticity that can also encourage new hair growth & strength for your luscious locks. When injected, biotin reacts with cell enzymes and plays a vital part in producing amino acids—the building blocks of protein. This is crucial, because hair itself consists of keratin, which is a form of protein.
  • “Anti-aging” injections: for those that are wanting to look and feel younger that also provides an extra little energy and metabolism boost.
  • “Tri-immune” wellness injections: to help boost your immune system during the changing of the seasons and prevention of pesky illnesses.
  • B-Complex injections: which have numerous benefits such as: increased energy levels, fights fatigue and tiredness, promotes deeper sleep, helps maintain mental clarity, helps to keep food cravings under control, contributes to healthy skin, hair, nails and complexion.
  • Cool sculpting (AKA- cryolipolysis) is a fat reduction method that targets fat in body areas that are more challenging to remove through diet and exercise. We provide cool-sculpting techniques for the whole body. The body removes the frozen and broken down fat tissues within 4–6 months. The procedure also delivers lasting results. It destroys fat cells, so they will not return.
  • NAD+ injections are beneficial for many reasons such as: Clear brain fog and improve mental clarity, rejuvenate metabolic function, support healthy energy levels, sharpen memory and concentration, boost agility and athletic performance, strengthen the immune system, promote healthy cholesterol and blood pressure, stimulate circulation by facilitating nitric oxide production as well as enabling the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline.
  • And so much more! 

We are thrilled to grow our business with you while we continue putting our patients at the forefront! Your health is our #1 priority and we are excited to help you become the best version of yourself while you are a patient here at Dr. OptiMe. We are here to help you to look better, feel better, and be better! Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing your face around the office! If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the revamped HRT program or any of the new products and services, please feel free to contact Jenni (Head of the HRT department) at Jenni@liveoptime.com or Dr. LoTurco at drjake@liveoptime.com. You may also give us a call at the office at (720) 476-5121.

A special thank you from the team here at Dr. OptiMe: Look better, feel better, be better!


HMB PRO Reference Articles:

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