Ooooh we can do so many wonderful things with facials! We have a buffet of options, let’s find the perfect one for you.

Fire up Google or scan the mags in line at the grocery store, and it seems like there’s a magic fix for every skin problem on the planet. And we’ve all got a bathroom drawer full of tried and failed skin care products! I do this for a living and study skin care all day and STILL get caught up in the hype. Wow it can be overwhelming.

I think that’s what I love most about what I do – help my clients get a skin care plan and get results. Yes, you can pop over to my treatments page and see a buffet of options. If you know what facial you love and what works for you – book it.

If you’re not sure what facial is right for you, give me a buzz. Are you a long time lover of facials and ready to go to the next level or skin rejuvenation? We can do that too.

Below are some answers to the most common questions I hear about facials. Need more details? Book a free consultation below and let’s get you the answers you need. Let’s glow…

What does a facial do for you? What’re the basics?

The basics of a facial is going to be that deep cleansing and the removing of all of the dead skin and debris that is clogging all your pores. They give your skin that beautiful glow that we want to see on a daily basis. When we’re young people’s skin looks really dewy and glowy. It’s because they haven’t had any dead skin cells build up on their skin yet and when that happens, it blocks the water in our cells from reflecting light back, which is what gives us that dewy looking complexion. Facials will maintain a healthy complexion and prevent that build up of debris and dead skin.

Do facials include extractions?​

Facials can include extractions, but not always. Picking or extracting done improperly can be the reason so many of us have facial scarring, broken capillaries and acne flare-ups. Extraction is a delicate procedure that must be done hygienically and carefully. At LoTurco Chiropractic & Pain Management we use steam to kick start your facial and prefer deep cleansing and resurfacing treatments to get the gunk outta your skin and only use extracting techniques when necessary.

Now days you can get a facial anywhere it seems. What, should we be looking for as consumers before we book a facial with someone?

Sanitation is number one. You want to make sure that you’re going someplace that’s very clean and they’re following proper sanitation. It’s very easy to get an infection from a dirty tool or even dirty hands. So you want to make sure that it’s a clean place that has a good reputation. If you go in and it looks dirty or messy or dusty, then they’re probably not following proper sanitation. Trust your gut. And absolutely leave if you don’t feel comfortable or like they’re online photos don’t measure up when you get to the salon.

What can you not do before facial?

You definitely want to avoid the sun. You don’t want to have any sun damage. When you come to see me for a facial or any treatment really, and you’re all sunburned – I’ll have to send you home. Stay out of the sun and then the sky’s the limit and we can do any treatment.

Is it ok if I pick?

Don’t pick. I’ll say it again, DON’T PICK. I see this all the time! Clients who try to give themselves a pre-facial before they come see me and extract black heads or pop pimples on their own! If you’re one of those that has to pop them out, then come see me where I can show you the tools and the proper way to do it so it  will not leave you with any scarring. You have to let me teach you how to deal with it because that is really damaging to the skin. It causes a lot of inflammation, a lot of broken skin. It can be tender, it can bruise and worst case you’ll scar.

There’s oodles of types of facials.  What’s the difference?

The most popular are acne facials, facials for oily skin, facials for sensitive skin or for people that are prone to Rosacea or any type of irritation in this skin. There are also the feel good and spiritual facials like a Reiki facial where you are healing not only your skin but your spirit and your mind as well. Super popular now are the look good right now facials or the “red carpet” facials that people are treating themselves too for before special events or an immediate look fabulous boost.

We can’t forget the men. What facials are best for the fellas?

The facials most popular with men are the medical-grade facials where we can super cleanse and exfoliate their skin.

And the fellas want that super smooth face for the special event too! More and more men are booking what we call the “red carpet” facials. They want those facials that all us ladies love to get when we have a big, big event or a hot date and we want to look and feel – wow.

What is the best “Red Carpet” facial?

Our client favorite is the Fire and Ice Facial by iS Clinical. It is just perfect for any skin type. Your skin will look and feel simply fabulous and it is really a must for any big event or events when the photos there will be oodles of photos. There’s no downtime from it and it just leaves the skin glowing. The skin is exfoliated and polished and the perfect palette for make-up. Many clients share with me they feel like they don’t even need makeup after a red carpet facial, but if you’re headed out for a night of glam make up goes on and stays on. It’s lovely. It smells amazing too.

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