Functional medicine is a health model designed to provide patient-centered and science-based care tailored specifically to each individual. Here at LoTurco Chiropractic, our team focuses on various conditions that enable us to obtain a more detailed understanding of what is happening within the body. Whether you’re suffering from a chronic illness or simply want to understand the root cause of your health or condition, we are here to help. We provide a multi-disciplinary approach in treating and understanding your illness, all while educating you in detail on our recommended treatment plan. Our philosophy is to look at each individual’s genetic makeup as well as biochemical and lifestyle factors in order to put together a treatment plan that addresses the root causes of your specific condition.

A few conditions we treat:

  • Adrenal disorders
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Problems with weight gain or weight loss
  • and more

With our holistic approach to your health, we pride ourselves in treating the condition itself rather than masking the condition by treating just the symptoms.

What to Expect:

We will be discussing various topics such as:

  • Lifestyle – We will look at your diet, activity level, work life, hobbies and stressors
  • Genetics- We will have you answer a questionnaire on your family’s physical and mental health histories
  • Environment- We take a look at any toxins and allergens that may be present in your everyday life.

We offer full comprehensive blood work, food sensitivity testing, as well as heavy metals testing. We are here to help advise and guide you toward your healthcare desires. Our goal is to help you look better, feel better, and be better than you were before walking through our door.

For more information or to request an appointment, call us today at (720) 476-5121.